Sales & Channel Excellence

We help you sell more through sales and channel effectiveness.


Sell smarter.

We help you find new growth through digitally enabled sales and channel strategies.

Identify overlooked pockets of growth.

Most companies plan sales strategies in a top-down fashion, rarely going beyond one or two levels of granularity. This approach leaves money on the table by missing valuable pockets of untapped demand. Through big data and smart analytics we identify overlooked opportunities for sales growth that your competition will struggle to reach.

Build strategies for a multi-channel world.

In a multi-channel context you always need to balance the requirement to extend your reach with the necessity of managing costs and brand experience. Our channel selection tools help you identify the right combination of channels to reach your most important customer segments more cost effectively.

Take your product availability to a new level.

Expanding your presence may not lead to better returns on your sales investment unless you match it with consistent availability and superior customer experience. Our OUX (Omni-Channel User Experience) tool tracks your on-shelf and on-screen presence, the consistency of your brand experience, and the seamlessness of the transition between different channels. Helping you quickly identify the gaps to address.

Digitally enable your sales force.

For your sales force every second counts. We help you deploy your sales resources more effectively by data-driven segmentation and targeting strategies and the adoption of the latest digital sales tools. Whether it's implementing next practices in key account management or introducing automation in your sales workflows, we develop systems that help your sales professionals achieve industry-leading performance. We also help you re-align their incentives and rewards for the new era of selling.


We navigate the physical and the digital.

Our on-ground experience and digital know-how creates more innovative and executable sales strategies.

We combine analytics with insight.

We bring together the power of advanced analytics and on-ground human insights to help you discover new opportunities for sales growth.

We navigate a multi-channel world.

Our experience helping B2C and B2B brands migrate and integrate online channels helps us steer your omni-channel strategy in the right direction.

We understand digital.

Digital is rapidly disrupting the traditional sales approach. Our fluency in digital tools and our insights into the impact of emerging digital trends helps you reimagine your sales organisation for the online era.


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