Client context.

Our client is a leading consumer goods company in the kitchen and bath category.
The company had developed a new product and wanted to leverage the launch to address gaps in its go-to-market model and boost sales.
The client turned to Kanvic for help in launching their new product in the market with a comprehensive go-to-market strategy.

Kanvic's approach.

We conducted an extensive research to understand customers' needs in the client’s particular category. Our research revealed a major mismatch between customers’ functional needs and and the client’s product sales due to poorly communicated benefits.

Through a deep-dive analysis of current channel partners using transaction data, field visits & one-to-one interviews, we segmented the client’s dealers according to performance. This segmentation revealed major weaknesses in the performance of a large number of the client’s dealers.

By comparing the sales contribution at comparable companies we also identified the role of brand and the client’s current brand positioning in realising higher sales value.

Client benefits.

20% + sales increase in 6 months

Sales in our client's core market grew more than 20% within 6 months of implementing the new go-to-market strategy.

Improved dealer morale and loyalty.

By identifying high performing dealers the client was able to reward them accordingly and increase their territory allocation. Dramatically increasing the loyalty and morale of its top dealers.

Brand and product portfolio aligned to customer expectations.

Through a better understanding of customer needs we were able re-align the client’s product portfolio and brand positioning to boost value perception and increase contribution of higher margin products.

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