Advanced Analytics

Gain. Predictive Advantage

Realise the untapped potential of big data through the incredible power of data analytics and machine learning.

How we help

Sharper insights. Better results.

Our data analytics experts generate meaningful insights that produce real business results.

Unlock your newest strategic asset.

Data is a strategic asset. We help you identify your current internal data assets and audit them to assess their quality and completeness. We also locate relevant external data sources that they can be combined with to give you even greater insight.

Identify high impact data analytics use cases.

With our ability to understand your business model and the critical levers of performance, we identify analytics use cases that generate the greatest impact in your business.

Apply the latest data analytics tools.

We identify the latest and most appropriate tools for your use case, train the model, and add more data to improve its accuracy through a process of machine learning.

Generate business results.

By applying our strategic and operational expertise to develop actionable recommendations, we translate the new insights from your data into real results for your business.

Build your advanced analytics engine.

Through identifying the right technology and talent, and then transferring skills into your organisation, we help you create an in-house analytics operation that will become a new source of competitive advantage.

Why we are different

Data science. Business sense.

Unlike pure analytics firms, we combine cutting edge data science with strategic depth and business experience to deliver real business results.

We get you results faster.

Our ability to understand the drivers of a business helps us identify the right analytics use cases faster. Enabling you to realise business results sooner.

We combine data science and business expertise.

Our highly integrated team of data scientists and business strategists continually test new data-driven insights. Quickly identifying their practical applications in achieving your strategic goals.

We are the hub of an analytics ecosystem.

We collaborate with leading technology partners to bring you a wide range of the latest and most powerful analytics tools.

Featured Client Case

Helping an apparel retailer define a winning marketing strategy with advanced analytics

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