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Building a firm of the future

By harnessing the incredible potential of technology and the unique spark of human ingenuity, we are building a consulting platform to produce unparalleled client impact.


The genesis of the idea

The idea of a new type of consulting firm takes shape in London, triggered by the gaps in the traditional consulting approach. In particular, we are driven by three key beliefs:

1. Strategy and execution are two sides of the same coin and cannot be addressed in isolation.

2. Diversity of talent is instrumental in achieving well-rounded answers to strategic questions.

3. To produce results collaboration with the client is key.


The founding

Identifying the tremendous growth prospects for India, along with companies’ critical need for strategic expertise that understands the country’s context, Kanvic is founded.


A visionary client and a bestselling book

Our pioneering work with the visionary founder of Jaipur Rugs gains global recognition in CK Prahalad's international bestseller "The Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid" and also features in Forbes magazine. The project lays the basis for our innovative approach to client engagement.


Awarded management thinkers

Kanvic's thinking is recognised by India's apex management body the All India Management Association, who award our founders 'Best Article in Indian Management' for their article: "Avoiding traps in strategic decision making"


Globally reputed

Kanvic features in Indian Consulting Market Report published by Source Global Research. London-based Source is the authority on the global consulting market and Kanvic has appeared in their report every year since.


Foreseeing India's e-commerce boom

Kanvic brings focus to India's nascent e-commerce market with its pioneering 'Click and Dial' report. The study identifies the huge untapped potential of e-commerce in India and marks the beginning of Kanvic's thought leadership in the space. Our subsequent comparative study of e-retail in India and China challenges consensus, showing that the future path of Indian e-commerce lies to the East rather than the West.


Capturing the changing nature of leadership

Kanvic launches a major new management research programme into the changing nature of corporate leadership. Through several widely acclaimed articles the CEO 3.0 concept is introduced. It identifies a new generation of business leaders who have developed distinct capabilities and approaches to lead in a changed world.


Charting a new ROAD for India Inc

Kanvic launches its ground-breaking ROAD to Growth report. Based on an unparalleled study of India's top 1,000 companies, its findings are widely published in the media. At the same time, Kanvic's ROAD framework establishes a new approach for India Inc. to transform for a changed world.


Building Indian Cement Industry's Vision 2030

Kanvic developed Indian Cement Industry's Vision 2030 working with all stakeholders including cement manufactures, equipment suppliers, industry associations and the Government.

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