Customer Insight

Know your customers. Inside out.

We combine the power of data analytics and human intelligence gathering to generate new insights into your customers' buying behaviour.

How we help

Segment of one.

We help you develop more relevant customer segmentation models so you can target your customers more effectively.

Gain new insights from data analytics.

We employ the latest techniques in advanced analytics, digital listening, and sentiment analysis, to gain actionable insights into your customers' needs, buying behaviours, and brand experiences.

Gather human intelligence.

We deploy highly trained experts in ethnography and behavioural science to study your customers through observation, focus groups, and day-in-the-life exercises. We also engage with your customer-facing teams to tap their valuable experience and intuition.

Profile your customers' needs.

Our experts combine insights from quantitative and qualitative analysis to construct multiple need profiles within your target customer cohort.

Define new customer segments.

Drawing on analysis and experience-based intuition, our marketing experts group similar need profiles into addressable customer segments. With advances in analytics and digital marketing, we are able to develop even more targeted micro segments that bring greater personalisation to your marketing efforts.

Build your customer intelligence system.

In today's fast-changing world, gathering customer insight must become a continuous exercise for every organisation. We help you build a customer intelligence system that closes the feedback loop by designing dynamic data collection, analytics and review mechanisms.

Why we are different

We leverage human and machine intelligence.

Our unique combination of behavioural scientists and data analysts takes your customer insights to a whole new level.

We use the latest data gathering and analytic techniques.

We go beyond traditional survey-based methods to apply cutting-edge techniques like web scraping, digital listening and advanced analytics. Our analysts mine your troves of customer data, track your customers online buying journeys, and gauge their sentiments on social media, to reveal their real behaviour.

We are experts in human behaviour.

The quality of customer insight depends on the skill and method of those conducting the interaction. We use highly experienced ethnographers and behavioural experts, trained in the latest research approaches, to truly get into the minds of your customers.

We have a full suite of insight gathering tools.

Over scores of customer insight engagements, we have built up a versatile kit of proprietary tools for information gathering and analysis. From unique interview methodologies to innovative segmentation frameworks, we are fully equipped to bring you game-changing new insights.

Featured Client Case

Helping an apparel retailer define a winning marketing strategy with advanced analytics

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