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Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) have emerged as the major catalysts of business growth and diversification across industries in today's global economy. By studying major M&A transactions over the past 13 years, Kanvic has gleaned insights on the primary factors which drive companies to engage in M&A deals.

Kanvic Consulting M&A Success in Building Sector

There has been a notable growth in the building materials and construction sector in the recent years, particularly catalysed by mergers and acquisitions. A study into these deals reveal valuable insights into the rationale for driving and pursuing M&A activities.

Despite its size and growth potential, e-commerce penetration in building materials and construction products remains low at only 2% in India. However, promising developments are rapidly changing the e-commerce growth opportunity in building materials, with start-ups, large incumbent players and brick-and-mortar retailers jockeying in to gain their share of the pie.

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. It is a software system that integrates various functions and processes within an organization.

The Indian paper industry is shifting its focus towards packaging paper due to significant underlying growth drivers in recent years.

The high demand of paper for packaging applications drives the Indian paper industry’s growth. Given the strong drivers in place, paper manufacturers are investing in the packaging segment to reap future dividends.

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