Digital Opportunities and Threats Scan

Connect. The DOTS

Understand new opportunities and threats emerging from digital shifts in your market to kickstart digital transformation.

Successful digital transformation requires systematic analysis of the opportunities and threats arising from new digital technologies.

Kanvic's Digital Opportunities and Threats Scan (DOTS) helps companies gain a 360-degree view of their market and broader economic environment to identify the most attractive opportunities to tap and the major threats to counter. 

DOTS has three dimensions: digital accelerators and barriers, digital market landscape, and technology frontiers. Scanning the three dimensions, Kanvic's proprietary DOTS tool helps leaders prioritise opportunities whilst taking appropriate measures to counteract threats.

  • First, digital accelerators and barriers assess the trends that affect the development of the digital landscape. This dimension looks at government policies and regulations and social and technological trends triggered by technology drivers. 
  • Second, the digital market landscape examines the competitors in the technological space. This area evaluates key players in the industry, including new entrants from small and large digital firms and suppliers of new digital solutions. 
  • Finally, scouring the technology frontiers identifies the new technologies that have been developed. In a rapidly evolving digital landscape, there is a need to observe new technologies and tools being developed on the market. 

How we help

Bringing a clear-eyed view of digital's impact on your business

We help you cut through the jargon surrounding digital and quickly identify and act on the most consequential shifts impacting your business.

Scan the market

Our strategy and digital experts combine a deep understanding of market dynamics with an up-to-date view of the latest digital trends to quickly identify what's coming over the horizon.

Identify and analyse

Leveraging our proprietary framework we evaluate the emerging digital shifts in your marketplace to separate signal from the noise.

Prioritise to win

The wholesale nature of digital transformation can seem overwhelming. We help you overcome inertia and make early wins by prioritizing efforts according to their business impact and your starting capabilities.

Why we are different

Digital Tech. Business Sense

We look at digital to help you realise returns on your investment.

Apply a business lens

We look at digital through a business lens. This means we focus on achievable and measurable outcomes not just adoption of the latest technology fad.

Leverage proprietary knowledge assets

With over a decade's experience driving digital transformation in diverse organizations we have an extensive suite of knowledge assets to help you identify, evaluate, and prioritize your digital actions.

Make it actionable

We believe strategy and execution are two sides of the same coin. Therefore we rigorously test every recommendation on its feasibility given your unique context and capabilities.

As part of our landmark study on Indian Cement Industry Vision 2030, Kanvic talks to Indian cement industry's leaders figures to gain their unique perspectives on key strategic questions facing the sector.

Advanced analytics can uncover new ways to improve customer engagement and increase up-sell and cross-sell. However many retail and consumer goods companies are struggling to understand and unlock the potential of their customer and transaction data.

The wide variety and complexity of new digital technologies means many Indian CEOs struggle to grasp their implications for the business. By changing the way they think about digital, leaders can start to seize the opportunities digital transformation presents. To do this, CEOs should ensure they regard digital as core rather than peripheral, view it through a business rather than technology lens, and think about it as evolving not static.