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E-commerce opportunity in B2B sector

CHART I 27 JULY, 2023

India has taken a big leap in digitisation of B2C e-commerce in last decade driven by cheaper smartphone and internet prices, young populations and a favorable policy landscape. As the country prepares itself to cross the $5 trillion dollar mark, it is going to witness a surge in B2B e-commerce, projected to touch $200 billion by 2030.

Inflation: Rearing its head again


Retail inflation in January saw a significant surge, reaching its highest level in three months at 6.52%, exceeding the upper tolerance limit of 6% set by the Reserve Bank of India. This increase highlights the ongoing inflation concerns in India, and there is a possibility that the Reserve Bank of India may opt for another increase in key interest rates.

Elevated retail prices and a deceleration in manufacturing will likely impact demand, affecting economic recovery and potentially diminishing profit margins. Read more

Digital’s rising share in the advertising industry


In the last three years, digital's part of overall advertising income increased from 24% to 36%, while TV's share has remained constant at 40%. FMCG companies must refocus their marketing strategy and increase digital maturity to stay ahead of the game. Read more

FMCG players shaping industry structure with acquisitions

CHART I 17 October, 2022

The FMCG industry is undergoing a structural change, with many existing FMCG players moving towards acquisitions to grow and scale their businesses. As a result, they have started acquiring bigger targets more frequently and widening their scope with the merger/ acquisition of other brands to enter new markets or to increase their existing portfolios that could deliver faster growth. Read more