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From visualising your digital future to realising it. We guide you through the digital transformation process step-by-step.

How we help

Transforming your business for a digital future.

We spot the threats and opportunities digital disruption presents, test your readiness to face them, and build your digital transformation strategy. 

Connect the DOTS.

Digital is facilitating the entry of new competitors, changing customer expectations and displacing existing technologies. However digital disruption is playing out very differently in every industry. Kanvic's Digital Opportunities and Threats Scan (DOTS) is a proprietary tool which scans changes in your external environment. Each digital opportunity or threat is evaluated to identify where it will impact your business and how severely. Telling you just how critical digital transformation is to your future.

Test your digital fitness.

The process of digital transformation places new stresses and strains on your organisation. Our digiFIT assessment measures your digital maturity in the four key areas of vision and strategy, technology, organisation & people, and culture. Highlighting the strengths to build on and the weaknesses you need to address.

Frame your digital vision.

Digital transformation must be embedded in your firm's vision of the future if it is to become a real source of competitive advantage. Our expert-facilitated vision workshops help you define your digital ambitions in light of your current capabilities and the evolving external scenario. They also build consensus among the top team on the digital imperative.

Build your digital roadmap.

With the vision clear, we develop the digital initiatives required to achieve it and place them on a prioritisation matrix to sequence their implementation. We then build your transformation roadmap to guide your actions and provide a reference point to check your progress.

Why we are different

Digital. We've got it covered.

From strategy to marketing, and operations to organisation, we cover every angle of digital so you can realise the full benefits of transformation.

We bring a strategic viewpoint.

Technology implementation is only one aspect of digitalisation. We help you understand the strategic implications of digital to turn it into a true source of competitive advantage.

We deploy a multi-disciplinary team.

Digital transformation impacts every aspect of your business. Hence our team spans strategists, technologists, operations experts, data scientists, marketeers and leaders in organisational and behavioural change.

We draw on proprietary digital databases.

Our extensive proprietary databases track the emergence and development of 1000s of new start-ups, giving unparalleled insight into the intensity and nature of digital innovation affecting your industry.

We deploy a full range of digital tools.

In the course of running multiple transformation programmes and continually monitoring new digital applications, we have created a unique database of digital tools applicable to all aspects of a business. As a result, we can identify and select the latest and best tools to enable your digital transformation.

We leverage the power of partnerships.

The scope of digital is vast, ranging from 3D printing, to artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and beyond. The breadth and speed of innovation demands collaboration. We help you tap into a network of digital partners to develop and implement customised, cutting-edge solutions.

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Setting an FMCG company on a path to digital transformation

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