Digital Maturity Assessment

Assess. Act. Advance.

Take the digital pulse of your organisation and test your preparedness to win in a world of digital disruption.

How we help

Checking your digital fitness.

From your digital vision to your culture, Kanvic's digital maturity assessment diagnoses your digital health and prescribes the areas for improvement.

Assess your digital vision.

Digital is an overused and frequently misunderstood term. We explore what digital means for your business, how you envision your digital future, and how you intend to achieve it. As well as testing the clarity and coherence of your vision, we assess the governance and coordination mechanisms you have put in place to support your digital progress.

Evaluate your technological capabilities.

Digital success is always supported by the right technology backbone. We evaluate the level of your existing infrastructure, applications, and processes to understand their suitability to support your digital transformation.

Test your organisational readiness.

Achieving your digital vision requires an organisation that is aligned with its strategic importance and highly adaptable in the face of continuous disruption. We assess your preparedness in respect of your organisational structure, your access to digital talent, and their fluency in critical digital skills.

Appraise your digital culture.

Digitalisation is more about new mindsets than new technology. We look at the time and importance attached to digital initiatives at each level of your organisation to assess how wide and deep the digital culture runs.

Why we are different

See the hard and soft sides of digital.

With our understanding of strategy and organisation, we identify the cultural as well as the technical barriers to digital transformation.

We provide a digital 360.

Thanks to our strategy expertise, we are able to give you an all-round picture of how and where digital can impact your business.

We understand the power of people.

Our deep understanding of organisation and people provides a holistic view of your digital maturity and the cultural challenges you may face on the journey ahead.

We know what it takes to succeed.

With experience guiding successful digital transformation programmes for clients in diverse industries and at different levels of digital maturity, we know where the challenges are likely to lie and what it takes to succeed.

Featured Client Case

Setting an FMCG company on a path to digital transformation

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