We help organisations address India’s vast healthcare gap.

Putting patients at the centre of healthcare delivery.

To tap the huge potential of healthcare in India companies must
overcome the high level of market fragmentation and the
low level of health awareness.

Inadequate infrastructure.

Although the number and scope of facilities have expanded rapidly in recent years, many areas of the country have little or no coverage in key medical specialties.

Limited insurance penetration.

Whilst insurance penetration in India is growing, the majority of patients still fund their treatment out-of-pocket. This limits both their inclination and ability to pay for care in all but the most serious circumstances. However, this may soon change with the Government’s newly launched healthcare insurance scheme.

Low patient awareness.

The low level of awareness among Indian patients about health problems and their appropriate treatments is a major factor limiting demand. Many patients simply fail to seek out medical advice. While others only take incomplete treatment.

Skill shortage.

A shortfall in skilled medical professionals makes attracting and retaining talent a major challenge for healthcare organisations looking to expand.


Helping you deliver care more effectively.

We work with healthcare organisations to address their most pressing issues as they take on the challenge of bringing quality care to every Indian.


Digital will revolutionise healthcare delivery in the twenty-first century. We work with healthcare companies to digitally transform their organisation so they can reap the benefits of digitalised processes, gain new insights through data analytics, and engage and serve patients through digital platforms.

Performance Excellence.

We help healthcare organisations achieve performance excellence by increasing revenues and optimising costs. We evaluate your direct and indirect costs, procurement practices, working capital levels and productivity to reduce outlays. At the same time, we identify opportunities to increase occupancy rates and optimise the patient and service mix.


As the availability of healthcare services and products improves, brand is becoming an increasingly important differentiator. We help organisations understand patients’ decision-making process and design brand and marketing strategies that inspire trust at each step of their journey.

New Hospital Strategy.

We help healthcare organisations planning new hospitals develop the right strategy to achieve their investment objectives. We help you conceptualise the facility based on your capabilities and the market need. We then develop a compelling value proposition for all stakeholders, and build a business model that can deliver sustainable returns.



Kanvic offers a range of bespoke services for new and existing hospitals, from developing the business model to improving business performance. We help upcoming hospitals understand a location’s demand and supply dynamics and frame their service offering accordingly.  For existing hospitals, we design more efficient management systems and processes, help you improve patient experience, and identify areas to apply digital to create a smoother patient journey.


Diagnostic Centres.

Diagnostic chains have scaled up rapidly in India in recent years to address the country’s rising burden of chronic diseases. We help players plan their network strategy, digitalise their operations and increase footfall through effective marketing and brand building strategies.



Branded pharmacy chains have expanded in India as consumers become increasingly concerned about the authenticity of medicines and demand higher levels of customer service. We help pharmacies develop expansion strategies, integrate the increasingly important online channel and align their marketing with changing customer needs. We also help them understand the opportunities and threats arising from new digital start-ups. 


Medical Equipment.

The expansion and modernisation of healthcare facilities, patient demand for world-class treatment, and the rising need to manage chronic diseases at home are all increasing demand for medical equipment. We help manufacturers understand the complex buying process of B2B and B2C customers and design the right go-to-market strategy. We also help equipment manufacturers achieve performance excellence by realising their full potential.


Consumer Healthcare.

Indians’ demand for branded over-the-counter (OTC) medicines and dietary supplements is rising as consumers become increasingly health aware and more conscious of product quality and safety. We help consumer health brands develop go-to-market strategies to accelerate growth and design marketing strategies that build consumer trust. Our work also includes embedding digital to improve consumer experience and other parts of the business.


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