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We help international companies develop and implement winning India market entry strategy.

How we help our clients for India market entry

Adapted to India.

Our superior insight and rigorous India market entry approach gives you a market entry strategy to win in India’s unique context. 

Size-up the India market opportunity.

The Indian economy is vast and growing fast. However, the country's complex market structures, high share of unorganised players, and scarcity of reliable data make it difficult to form an accurate picture of the real market opportunity. Kanvic Consulting provides international companies with a highly granular and rigorously tested fact base for your India market entry including market size, competitive dynamics, and future growth trajectory. 

Uncover your Indian customers' needs.

India is a massive but hugely diverse country. Income levels, cultural norms, business practices, and value perceptions can vary widely. We help you segment your Indian customers and gain in-depth understanding of their wants, needs and desires. 

Adapt your business model to the Indian context.

Applying a standard global template to the Indian market entry is rarely a solution for long-term success. We help you innovate and indigenise your business model to the Indian context across production, supply chain, distribution, and marketing. 

Develop your India market entry strategy.

We help you build your detailed roadmap for India market entry and design the organisation to execute your Indian entry strategy on the ground. With time-bound milestones and regular review mechanisms, your go-to-market strategy is an implementable action plan to get you up and running and en-route to success in India. 

Evaluate your partners carefully.

Partnerships, joint ventures or acquisitions can all be important elements of your India market entry strategy. We help you avoid mistakes in partner selection that can lead to significant setbacks for international companies. We define clear selection criteria and thoroughly screen your potential partners on crucial strategic and operational parameters. As a result, you are able to choose partners with the right synergies and reduced risks. 

Why we are different

Local insight. World-class support.

Our India entry consulting team from the USA, UK, France, and India understand the nuances of doing business in India and the key challenges facing foreign companies, providing you with seamless support from start to success. 

We are India experts.

We have successfully delivered hundreds of India market entry projects across industry sectors in every corner of the country. We understand India's immense geographic and cultural diversities, its complex policy and regulatory landscape, and its fast-changing consumption patterns. In short - we understand what it takes to win in India. 

We are international.

Our international team have first-hand experience of the unique challenges foreign companies face when making an India market. Kanvic's unique combination of a multinational team with extensive on-ground India experience helps us interpret the Indian opportunity for international companies and successfully bridge the cultural gap. Our track record in India entry strategy consulting includes successfully advising leading companies from the USA, the UK, Europe and Asia. 

We are with you all the way.

We know that the Indian market entry can sometimes seem daunting, even for experienced emerging market operators. Therefore, our support goes beyond strategy development. We stand alongside you and your team to help implement and iterate your India entry strategy and ensure your long-term success 

Featured India market entry cases

Evaluating India entry strategy for a European HVAC leader

Our client is a leading global supplier of solutions to the HVAC market. With growth slowing in China, the company wanted to re-appraise the potential of its India business in its Asia-Pacific strategy. The client hired Kanvic to get a clearer picture of their addressable market in India and align their go-to-market strategy accordingly. Through extensive market mapping, detailed market sizing, and in-depth competitor analysis, we helped the client identify new growth opportunities to position its India business for accelerated growth. 

India market entry strategy for a UK food company

A leader in the UK health food market was seeking to expand into the fast-growing Indian FMCG space. The company sought Kanvic's expertise to identify the right geographic markets and retail channels to target, the right product mix to carry, and right messaging to communicate to Indian consumers. Kanvic conducted comparative analysis of consumption behaviour in different regions through product sampling and ethnographic study as well as benchmarking sales volumes and costs for comparable players. As a result of our work, the client could develop a targeted India market entry strategy focused on its strongest points of differentiation and the highest volume channels. 

India entry strategy for a UK apparel retailer

A leading UK menswear retailer with extensive sourcing operations in the subcontinent was looking to tap into India's fast growing apparel retail market. Kanvic helped the client gain a clearer understanding of the different strategic options for India market entry amid a rapidly changing regulatory environment for foreign direct investment in the Indian retail sector. We then helped the client evaluate Indian partners and assess the feasibility of its intended business model including store format, product assortment and pricing. 

Supporting India market entry for a water treatment company

Kanvic developed India market entry strategy for our client, a leader in water treatment technology catering to government and industrial sectors. Our experts conducted deep-dive analysis and custom segmentation of the Indian water treatment market by different end-use applications, we then sized-up the opportunity in each segment and identified potential barriers to entry. Based on our market study we evaluated the attractiveness of each segment according to size and ease of entry for our client. Accordingly, we developed a comprehensive India market entry strategy for the chosen segments including a unique value proposition, organisation structure, and sales and service model. 

Meet our India entry strategy experts

Kanvic's multinational team bring extensive experience supporting international companies on their India market entry strategy.

Gehan Wanduragala

Associate Partner

Gehan is an Associate Partner and lead for the India entry practice at Kanvic Consulting. He works between Chicago and London advising leading international companies on their India market entry strategy.

Gehan brings a decade of on-ground experience in India supporting overseas companies in sectors ranging from retail, to consumer goods and industrial products.

Gehan writes and speaks extensively on the opportunities and challenges for international companies doing business in India and has collaborated with organisations including Department for International Trade (UK), Food & Drink Exporters Association (UK), and Business France to support European companies in their India market entry.

Gehan holds a BSc from the University of Bath, UK and MSc from the University of Amsterdam, Netherlands. 

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