India Entry Strategy

We provide multinational companies with the strategic acumen and on-ground expertise to enter and profitably grow their business in India.


Adapted to India.

Our superior India insight and rigorous approach give you a market entry strategy to win in India’s unique context.

Size-up the India opportunity.

India's high headline growth and the low market penetration in many categories can create a compelling picture on the surface. However, this is an insufficient basis for developing a successful India entry strategy. We help you build up the essential granular picture of your market space, including the drivers and constraints for future growth, and the unique competitive landscape you will face.

Uncover your Indian customers' needs.

On-track to become the world most populous nation, India is a massive but hugely diverse country. Income levels, cultural norms, business practices, and value perceptions often contrast sharply with those in your existing markets. We help you identify who your target Indian customers are and what needs and preferences they have.

Adapt your business model to the Indian context.

Applying a standard global template to the Indian market is rarely a recipe for long-term success. We help you innovate and indigenise your business model to the Indian context across production, supply chain, distribution, and marketing.

Develop your go-to-market strategy.

We help you build your detailed roadmap for India entry and design the organisation to execute on the ground. With time-bound milestones and regular review mechanisms, your go-to-market strategy is an implementable action plan to get you up and running and en-route to success in India.

Evaluate your partners carefully.

Partnerships, joint ventures or acquisitions can all be important elements of your India entry strategy. We help you avoid mistakes in partner selection that can lead to significant setbacks for international companies. We define clear selection criteria and thoroughly screen your potential partners on crucial strategic and operational parameters. As a result, you are able to choose partners with the right synergies and reduced risks.


Local insight. World-class support.

Our international team from the UK, France, and India understand the nuances of doing business in India and the key challenges facing foreign companies, providing you with seamless support from start to success.

We are international.

Our international team brings a deep understanding of economic and industry dynamics in developed and developing markets around the world. They also have the first-hand experience of working in and across diverse business cultures. As a result, we are better able to understand your business' core capabilities and the underlying values that drive your organisation.

We are India experts.

We have successfully delivered hundreds of projects across industries and in every corner of the country. We understand India's geographic and cultural diversities, its complex policy and legal landscape, and the fast-moving evolution of its economy.

We are with you all the way.

We know that the Indian market can sometimes seem daunting, even to experienced emerging market operators. Therefore our support doesn't stop at strategy development. We stand alongside you to help implement and iterate your India strategy to ensure your long-term success.


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