Fast relief. Sustained recovery.

Our turnaround programmes help you achieve rapid improvements in the financial health of your business and chart a new path to long-term sustainable growth.

How we help

Focused action. Future oriented.

Through rapid diagnosis and targeted action, we stabilise your financial position without undercutting your future growth potential.

Rapid diagnosis for targeted action.

We rapidly diagnose the root cause of your underperformance and develop a quick turnaround plan to direct surgical action in the most critical areas.

Making quick wins.

We take swift steps to stem the cash outflow and achieve quick wins. Whether through re-arranging payment terms, cutting costs, or reducing working capital.

Cutting the waste.

Once your outflows have been reduced, we address the operational levers of performance. This begins with re-adjusting your cost base to get it in-sync with more realistic revenue expectations. Which can include re-aligning your organisation, product portfolio or processes.

Updating the plan.

Once your position has stabilised, we work with your team to identify and prioritise new opportunities for growth. We then develop a detailed long-term plan to re-orientate your strategy accordingly.

Strengthening strategic muscles.

With the recovery sustained and a clear growth plan in place, we help you strengthen your strategic muscles through building organisational capabilities in critical business areas.

Why we are different

Strategy meets finance.

We go beyond the financial aspects of business turnaround and look at the larger strategic picture to better position you for a return to growth.

We get to the root faster.

In a turnaround scenario time is of the essence. Our highly trained experts are able to get to the root quicker, while our time-bound turnaround plans focus on delivering immediate impact where it matters most.

We balance the short and the long-term.

The pressure of financial distress often leads to actions that deliver short-term relief but imperil long-term recovery. Our experts balance the immediate urge to cut costs, with the long-term need to conserve capabilities in areas that will power future growth.

We go beyond finance.

We go beyond simple financial restructuring to address the key operational and strategic issues that are critical to the sustainability of your business performance.

We take a hands-on approach.

We collaborate closely with your management team throughout the turnaround process, providing constant support and enabling fast iterations to the plan.

We understand the power of communication.

From our experience in multiple turnaround projects, we appreciate the importance of clear and coherent communication to a successful outcome. That's why we design a comprehensive communication plan for each stage of the turnaround, ensuring you retain the loyalty of your people and the confidence of your customers throughout the process.

Featured Client Case

New business strategy helps a consumer durables company beat a path to profitability

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