Strategy Masterclass

Prioritise. Organise. Strategise.

In an environment of extreme uncertainty business leaders need to rethink their approach to strategy development and execution. Kanvic's strategy consultants help CXOs of leading companies discover a better way.

Uncertainty has reached record levels

Today's leaders are grappling with unprecedented levels of uncertainty as the Coronavirus pandemic unfolds in complex and unpredictable directions

Traditional strategy tools have been blunted

The existing strategy toolkit was designed for a more stable and predictable world.

Rethink strategy for a post-pandemic world

To build and execute strategy in a post pandemic world leaders need to adopt a new framework that guides actions in 5 key areas

Take the next step with a strategy masterclass

Kanvic's Strategy Masterclass coaches CXOs from leading companies in the right approach to building and executing strategy in uncertainty. Through an online expert-led session your senior leaders acquire the fresh thinking and new tools required to tackle this once-in-a-generation challenge.

See the bigger picture

See the current crisis in its wider context to better understand how it is accelerating longer-term shifts and the strategic implications for your business

Gain a fresh perspective

Escape the negativity of the news cycle and learn how leading-edge companies are using a new approach to gain advantage during the crisis

Build a new strategy toolkit

Discover how the new tools of strategy development and execution can help you act decisively despite persistent uncertainty

Inspire your team for action

Empower your team with a mindset to spot and seize the opportunities presented by this unique moment in history

Develop strategy for a new normal


The expert for your masterclass

Deepak Sharma

Director of strategy

Deepak is director and co-founder of Kanvic Consulting. He is based in Delhi NCR from where he leads the firm and our ground-breaking work at the intersection of strategy, digital and leadership.

Deepak brings over twenty five years of international experience in industry and consulting. Before founding Kanvic he worked with leading global companies in London and Mumbai on their top strategic issues.

Deepak's advice has been sought by Fortune 500 companies and leading family-owned businesses. He is a widely published thought leader and acclaimed public speaker on strategy.

Deepak holds an MBA from Cranfield School of Management, U.K. with majors in strategy and a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Jai Narain Vyas University, India.