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Key issues

Navigating a shifting consumer landscape.

The consumer sector is undergoing profound change, companies that fail to keep pace will be left behind.

New era of competition.

Competition in established consumer packaged goods categories is becoming more intense as existing players consolidate their position. At the same time, new locally grown players are scaling-up quickly by addressing India-specific consumer needs and applying innovative go-to-market strategies. Consumer companies must acquire the agility to compete on multiple fronts with diverse tactics to defend and grow their market share.

Shrinking product life-cycles.

Product life-cycles are shrinking across consumer goods categories due to rapid developments in technology, fast-changing customer needs, intensifying competition and changing regulatory requirements. The emergence of the Internet of Things (IoT) is adding further momentum to this process, as products feed back real-time insights on performance and usage behaviour.

Disruption in distribution.

Distribution of consumer packaged goods in India is changing radically with e-retail taking-off at the same time as modern retailers are scaling-up. On the other hand, traditional formats continue to constitute a major distribution channel and are integrating with the online ecosystem in new and innovative ways. Companies must balance the distinct needs of these different channels to achieve their true sales potential.

Rise of digital and social.

The marketing of consumer products has been revolutionised by customers’ migration to digital and social channels to evaluate, purchase and engage with brands. Consumer packaged goods companies need to re-orientate their entire sales & marketing organisation to align with today’s new customer journey.

How we help

Keeping you ahead of the curve.

We give consumer packaged goods companies a competitive cutting-edge across strategymarketing & sales and digital.


We tackle the top strategic issues for consumer goods businesses including how to grow your brand, gain market share and increase profits. We also help you identify the most attractive opportunities for growth and build focussed strategies to seize them.

Marketing & Sales.

We support consumer packaged goods companies in all aspects of marketing and sales. From developing a go-to-market strategy for a new product category to accelerating the growth of existing products through sales & channel excellence. Further, our experts help bring your brand’s communications into the digital era, while our capabilities in analytics and machine learning bring you powerful new customer insights.


We help consumer companies embark on the essential journey toward digital transformation. We first identify the customer touch points where the application of digital can create a frictionless buying experience and enable two-way communication. We then help you prioritise and sequence digital initiatives to build a roadmap to your digital future.

Where we help

FMCG (Home & Personal Care).

We help leading home and personal care brands tap the fast-evolving needs of Indian consumers while balancing the demands of traditional, modern and online retail. We also develop your capabilities in digital marketing and data analytics to generate stronger connect based on new customer insight.

Food & Beverage.

Changing lifestyles are transforming the way Indians prepare and consume food and drink. Competing demands for greater convenience, healthier options, new experiences, and great taste, present big challenges and exciting opportunities for food and beverage companies. We help brands across categories identify growth opportunities, align their product portfolio and build deeper relationships with their customers.

Home, Bath & Kitchen Ware.

The changing aspirations of the Indian consumer manifest themselves most visibly in the home. With family sizes falling and incomes rising, consumers are investing more in comfort and aesthetics. We help brands understand the evolving needs of the Indian home, identify pockets of untapped demand, and align their marketing communication with today’s customer expectations. We also identify opportunities to integrate digital through the application of emerging tools like augmented reality.

Home Appliances & Consumer Electronics.

Increased availability and competitive intensity in home appliances and consumer electronics have transformed customer expectations around product functionality, quality, value, and service. Simultaneously, the rise of online retail has fundamentally altered the distribution model and created a platform for new entrants to scale rapidly. We help you stay ahead of fast-changing customer needs and competitor moves, build a digitally enabled sales and service model, and leverage the vast potential of connected devices and analytics.

Light Electricals.

The light electricals market is facing the challenge of adapting to new functional requirements, higher expectations around design and aesthetics, as well as the emerging potential of home automation and connected devices. We advise companies across categories such as lighting, domestic switchgear, fans, power back-up, and storage, in the areas of strategy, marketing and sales, and digitalisation.

Automotive Care & Accessories.

The automotive industry is on the cusp of a historic shift and the auto care and accessory market is beginning to feel the impact. As B2C and B2B consumers increasingly shift to online channels, we help brands reimagine their marketing and sales strategy for the digital age. At the same time, the rise of ridesharing and the upcoming electric revolution will fundamentally alter the customer profile and product requirements for the industry. We help auto care and accessory brands re-frame their market boundaries and future-proof their business.

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