Client context.

Our client is a leading FMCG company that had made strong inroads into both modern and traditional trade across India.
The company had grown on the back of product innovation, physical network and strong channel relationships.
However, with changing consumer trends, innovative competitors and the emergence of new technologies, it lacked a full view of digital opportunities and threats facing its business going forward.

Kanvic's approach.

We first built awareness about the impact of digital on the client’s business by showing the leadership team the digital forces that would affect their business.

Kanvic conducted a detailed Digital Opportunities and Threats Scan (DOTS) using our proprietary tool. The scan revealed the most pressing threats and the most interesting opportunities for the business.

We identified the potential digital initiatives the client could take up and prioritised them according to their impact and their resource requirement.

Client benefits.

A clear digital vision.

On the basis of our key insights and workshops with the leadership team, the client could agree on a clear vision to guide the business’ direction in digital.

A new framework to build digital strategy.

The client gained a comprehensive view of the digital opportunities and threats for their business to build a digital strategy.

Focus on digital capabilities.

By identifying the most important threats and opportunities to the business, the client could prioritise the most critical digital capabilities to develop.

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