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Key issues

Riding the fourth industrial revolution

The industrial and manufacturing sector will be transformed by robotics, automation, 3D printing and many other technologies - to stay relevant in this new world companies must act now.

Profit erosion

Industrial goods manufacturers today face more competition from both domestic and international suppliers. To preserve profit margins companies must pursue excellence in every facet of performance. At the same time, they need to deliver superior products and services through intense customer focus and continuous innovation.

Industry 4.0

Today’s confluence of new digital technologies represents the fourth industrial revolution. Industry 4.0 has transformational consequences for the way industrial companies design, manufacture, and market. From IoT and robotics to artificial intelligence and machine learning. Manufacturers must rethink their value chain for the digital era.

Marketing in a digital age

Many manufacturers are yet to make the transition from a production mindset to a marketing mindset. However, the digital revolution has already moved the goalposts. Today’s B2B customers expect the same seamless, customised, and digitally enabled buying experience that many consumer companies are already delivering.

How we help

Making you future fit

Kanvic works with industrial and manufacturing companies across sectors to achieve market-beating performance, pursue new growth opportunities and develop sales and marketing excellence.

Corporate Strategy

We help industrial and manufacturing companies take a fresh look at their portfolio of businesses to identify untapped synergies. We also help you build systems and processes at the corporate level to leverage those synergies as well as review and manage the performance of different businesses.

Performance Excellence

We help industrial players transform to survive and thrive in a rapidly changing external environment. We enable you to achieve your full potential by objectively assessing your current performance and acting as a catalyst for deep and enduring change.

Growth Strategy

We help industrial and manufacturing companies make sound strategic choices about where and how to compete and identify the most attractive opportunities to grow. By taking a deeper look at both your existing markets as well as new areas, we help you identify growth opportunities that might otherwise be missed.

B2B Marketing & Sales

Our B2B marketing & sales experts bring a relentless customer focus to industrial goods companies to achieve superior customer satisfaction. We help you view your customers in a new light through re-framing your customer segmentation and then re-align your marketing & sales strategy accordingly. We also help you implement next practices in key account management to ensure you match your resources to the right opportunities.

Digital transformation.

Our digital transformation service equips industrial companies for the era of industry 4.0. We help you evaluate where and how digital can impact your business then prioritise the initiatives to build your roadmap to a digital future.

Where we help

Paper Products.

Demand for paper products in India is seeing fast growth but also rapid shifts in terms of customer types and product needs. Expectations of B2B customers and end users are evolving to demand higher quality along with new and diverse applications. This trend is being accelerated by the emergence of new high growth segments like e-commerce. We help paper companies grow more profitably by achieving performance excellence in their current operations and matching their capabilities with the right market opportunities.

Plastics & Packaging.

India’s low per-capita consumption of plastics and the rapid growth of demand generating industries - from food processing to consumer durables - presents a huge growth opportunity for plastics manufacturers. We help plastics companies identify the right areas to expand and grow into. At the same time, we help them improve the efficiency of their operations to achieve the optimal cost base from manufacturing to supply chain.


The combination of volatility in input prices and demand shocks have put metals players under increased stress. We help metals companies apply lean principles to achieve market-leading efficiencies and position you in the highest potential product-market segments for sustainable long-term growth.

Building Materials.

India’s massive unmet demand for housing and infrastructure represents a huge long-term growth driver for the building materials sector. However short-term demand shocks have created headwinds. We help you achieve best-in-class performance to strengthen your bottom-line while bringing effectiveness to your marketing & sales organisation to boost sales and grow market share.

Machinery & Capital Goods.

The machinery and capital goods sector has been buffeted by the slow-down in construction and mining. We help companies identify new avenues to growth in this challenging climate. We also help you innovate around sales and service to deliver increased value to your customers and achieve greater differentiation.

Electrical Equipment.

The electrical equipment sector in India is expanding on the back of rapid industrial, commercial and residential developments. However, there are substantial changes in customer needs as energy efficiency and automation become higher priorities. We work with companies across electrical categories including switchgear, wires & cables, transformers, energy meters, insulators, industrial electronics, and HVAC. Helping them position to benefit from future growth opportunities.


India’s energy sector is undergoing a seismic shift with renewable energy sources scaling-up at the same time as major breakthroughs in energy storage technology. We help companies in power generation and energy services understand this complex and rapidly changing market and develop adaptive strategies to succeed.

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A new corporate strategy helps an electrical goods player energize its business portfolio

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