A new corporate strategy helps an electrical goods player energize its business portfolio

In this client case Kanvic helped a leading electrical goods player build the right business portfolio through a new corporate strategy.

Client Context

  • Our client is a leading player in the electrical goods space.

  • The company's growth had stagnated in recent years and it was unable to improve performance.

  • The client had entered into seemingly related businesses to spur growth. However the new businesses were far from breaking even putting further pressure on the core business.

Kanvic's approach

Identified synergies.

As a first step in this engagement, we clearly defined the market boundaries of each of the client’s businesses and carefully evaluated them. Through our analysis we discovered that the client was realising few synergies between its different verticals.

Diagnosed business situation.

We reviewed and analysed hundreds of internal documents and conducted extensive secondary and primary research in each of the client's businesses. This allowed us to establish a true picture of performance in each of their markets in terms of business economics, competition and future prospects.

Facilitated leadership workshops.

Through multiple top-team workshops, our strategy experts helped the client's leadership articulate their aspirations in light of the real market scenario and actual business performance.

Client benefits

Accelerated growth through new strategic focus

We identified and prioritised the role of each business vertical in the client's portfolio so that attention and resources could be allocated to high potential businesses. This brought much needed focus to help accelerate growth

Clear framework to guide new business entry

We developed a fully customised framework to guide the client's future entry into new businesses. This improved productivity at the corporate level and aided prudent decision-making.

Phased exit from non-core businesses

Our recommendations helped the client de-focus from non-core businesses, both improving its profitability and protecting its reputation.

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