Sales & Marketing Transformation

Customer experience. Rebooted.

We help transform your sales and marketing function to make it fit for the age of digital and social.

How we help

Bringing science to sales and marketing.

We apply the latest thinking and cutting-edge digital technologies to bring your sales and marketing into the 21st Century.

Data-driven customer segmentation.

In the era of big data, we help you develop a more dynamic and personalised approach to customer targeting. Through combining multiple data sources and applying advanced analytic tools, we create new micro-segmentations that help you understand your customers' needs at a whole new level.

Building stronger brand relationships.

Today, thanks to new media, your customers are able to project a stronger voice in conversations about your brand. We help you evolve your current brand building efforts into a genuine two-way communication that creates positive customer engagement.

Pricing for advantage.

We transform your pricing decisions from a ‘set and forget’ approach, to a data-driven strategy that creates real competitive advantage. We do this by leveraging advanced analytics and real-time competitor pricing, to help you develop dynamic and highly targeted pricing strategies.

Bringing science to sales.

Your customers' purchase journey no longer follows a linear path, often skipping between multiple digital and physical touch points. Given this reality, we empower your sales organisation through new digital tools and workflows. Improving your customer responsiveness, optimising sales force efficiency, and closing the feedback loop.

Creating seamless omni-channel experience.

We develop effective omni-channel strategies that create a seamless experience for your customers, optimise your costs, and help you achieve your growth objectives. By first mapping your customers' new buying journey online and offline, we understand how digital is changing their discovery process. We then help you reimagine and redesign your channel strategy for the online era.

Integrating the sales & marketing organisation.

We bring a cross-functional approach that integrates sales and marketing with your wider organisation. At the same time, we help build capabilities in new areas like content management, social and digital marketing, and data analytics.

Why we are different

Your guide to transformation.

From envisioning your sales and marketing organisation of the future to making it a reality, we plot your path to transformation and guide you along the way.

We understand the latest market trends.

Our strength in tracking the latest market trends helps you see the direction in which your customers and competitors are evolving, and identifies the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead.

We digitally enable the organisation.

Our up-to-date knowledge of the latest digital tools helps us bring your sales and marketing function into the digital era.

We monitor and adapt.

We constantly track your progress against the transformation roadmap to flag-up potential delays and correct course where required.

We embed the change.

We work with you side-by-side to implement new systems and processes that embed change within your sales and marketing organisation.

Featured Client Case

Helping an apparel retailer define a winning marketing strategy with advanced analytics

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