Winning principles for digital transformation

How to make your digital transformation a success

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COVID-19 is accelerating digital adoption by consumers and corporates. To seize this opportunity Indian businesses need to embrace digital transformation but often struggle to make it a success. In this video we explain how companies can win with digital by focusing on five key principles from successful digital transformations.

First, leaders need to treat digital as a necessity not a luxury and therefore put it at the heart of their operating model rather than an optional add-on.

Second, companies should appreciate that digital transformation is less about digital technologies and more about transforming behaviours and ways of working.

Third, to make digital transformation a success organisations need to move to a culture of experimentation that encourages people to develop and test solutions without fear of failure.

Fourth, every organisation needs to recognise that data is the foundation of digital and that truly transformational benefits only come about when data is leveraged to drive decision-making across the business.

Finally, teams embarking on digital transformation should understand that it is a journey not a destination. While a roadmap and clear milestones are essential the horizon is continually expanding as new technologies emerge and evolve.

Organisations that stick to these five principles are more likely to win with digital.

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