Mapping the impact of Coronavirus in India

Managing business operations during COVID-19 will require companies to carefully track the spread of cases across India as this will determine the extent of lockdown and the impact on business activity.

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  • 13 May, 2020

Mapping COVID-19 impact in India

Coronavirus is severely disrupting everyday life in India. As the number of COVID-19 cases rise and the government responses evolve at the national, state and local level, companies need to keep close tabs on this fast-changing situation.

Kanvic's data analytics team help you visualise the impact COVID-19 across the country and understand its implications for business operations through a regularly updated and expanded set of maps and charts.

The implementation of successive lockdown restrictions has slowed down the propagation of the virus in the most affected states

The correlation between the number of cases and the number of tests shows that the case burden can increase quickly with ramp up in testing

Case doubling days have been improving since the imposition of lockdown in India

27 May 2020, There is a continuous improvement in number of days required to double the cases for India as well as top states by total case count with Gujarat showing the highest improvement, Maharashtra the lowest and Tamil Nadu being inconsistent

Northwestern part of India is more severely impacted by Covid-19 compared to other regions

28 May 2020, During the lockdown the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) has delineated three types of zones (red, orange, green) under which each district is categorised according to factors including the number of active cases and the rate of doubling.

Navigate the below chart to see the latest categorisation of zones and the number of cases.

Districts with the highest COVID-19 growth rate also have high economic activity potentially delaying economic recovery

28 May 2020, Areas with a high growth rate of Coronavirus cases have the strictest containment measures. The below chart shows the districts with the highest daily growth rate in COVID-19 cases.

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