Kanvic's top 10 strategy insights from the 2010s

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  • 15 January, 2020

Explore the top 10 articles by our experts in the past decade.

As we enter 2020s, we bring to you the top 10 articles published by our strategy experts in the 2010s.

Our articles cover a wide range of topics from changing definition of the modern CEO to a right approach to digital transformation and from biases in strategic decision making to approaching acquisition strategically.

Meet the CEO 3.0

Our most-read article of the 2010s explored how a new generation of CEOs are taking the helm and redefining what it means to lead in the 21st Century. Read more

How India Inc. should think about digital

As the pace of digitalisation accelerated in India, this 2017 article explained how leaders can turn digital from a buzzword into a business imperative. Read More

Avoiding traps in strategic decision making

Awarded Best Article in Indian Management in 2010 by the All India Management Association (AIMA), this article uncovered how biases lead to errors in strategic decision-making and what managers can do to overcome them. Read More

Applying game theory to strategy practice

Published in the Asian Management Review in 2012 this article explains how analysing strategic interactions through game theory can help improve the quality of decisions. Read More

Five actions to fire-up digital transformation

Based on extensive interviews with Indian CEOs we identified the five proven actions that get organisations moving forward on the digital agenda. Read More

The power of peripheral vision in strategic thinking

In an era of disruption strategic thinkers need to look beyond their current market boundaries to spot emerging opportunities and threats. This article explains how leaders can develop such peripheral vision. Read More

The elephant tracks the dragon: the future of e-retail in India

With e-commerce on the rise in India, back in 2015 we looked East rather than West and found China to be the right benchmark to anticipate the future direction of India's retail market. Read More

Building a new India

In this landmark report for the Indian cement industry launched at India Cement Review 2018, Kanvic sets out a new growth framework for the industry to achieve Vision 2030. Read More

The new ROAD to growth for India Inc.

Drawing on a multi-year study of performance at India's top one thousand companies we identified the four fundamentals of success in a changed world. Read More

Approaching acquisition strategically

In a consolidating market acquisition can be a highly effective strategy. Kanvic research into M&A in the Indian FMCG sector identified the factors that determine its success or failure. Read More

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