Kanvic moderates a panel discussion on digital transformation in healthcare

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Kanvic recently moderated a panel discussion on the role of digital technologies to build supply chain resilience in India's healthcare supply chain, hosted by GS1 India.

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India's healthcare supply chain is highly fragmented, complex, opaque, slow and inefficient. New digital technologies can help healthcare providers, medical equipment manufacturers, pharmacies, and diagnostic laboratories build a connected and resilient supply chain.

Kanvic recently moderated a panel discussion on the role of digital technologies in building supply chain resilience in India's healthcare supply chain. The panel discussion was part of a healthcare conference on "Harmonization of 2D barcodes on pharmaceutical drugs" hosted by GS1 India at the India Habitat Center in New Delhi.

Deepak Sharma, Director and Co-founder of Kanvic Consulting, was the conference moderator who discussed the challenges faced by Indian hospitals, pharmacies and MedTech companies to deliver safe and cost-effective healthcare to millions of Indians.

The panel discussion featured representatives from hospitals (Capt. Sandhya Shankar Pandey - Corporate Chief of Nursing, Fortis Healthcare), pharmaceutical companies (Ashok Nayak - CIO of IPCA Laboratory Ltd.), healthcare solution providers (Amit Backliwal - Co-founder of Pharmarack), and pharmacies (Dr Sanjeev Sharma - Sr General Manager, Apollo). 

Mr Sharma engaged with eminent panellists on the benefits of using 2D barcodes in the pharmaceutical industry, best practices for implementing barcoding solutions, and future barcoding and supply chain management trends. In addition, the speakers shared their experiences, expertise and case studies on digital transformation in the healthcare sector, which have improved supply chain management, patient safety, and overall product traceability.

The speakers also shared how digital technologies are revolutionising healthcare data's recording, storage and retrieval, providing a quick and efficient means of identifying and tracking products and information.

The conference provided a platform for attendees to network with peers, exchange ideas, and collaborate on new initiatives to improve healthcare delivery and patient safety.

GS1 India is a not-for-profit organisation that aims to improve supply chain efficiency and consumer safety by providing unique product identification and barcoding standards.