Driving digital transformation for a leading European multinational company

An e-commerce strategy helps an MNC realise new sources of growth and drives digital transformation.

Client context

  • Our client is a large European multinational company in the electrical infrastructure sector and one of the top players in Europe and Asia.

  • The company had built a strong brand and customer relationship for multiple categories in offline channels. 

  • To extend their success in the emerging online channels, the client sought Kanvic’s support to build a digital transformation roadmap along with the launch of their e-commerce platform. 

Kanvic's approach

Set SMART goals and objectives

Kanvic first reviewed the existing goals set for the e-commerce business through interviews with the key stakeholders in the client organisation, supported by an external study of the market trends. We then conducted a goal-setting workshop to clarify the goals and make them SMART.

Benchmarked with the best-in-class

We then conducted an external market study to develop a granular understanding of customer behaviour at every step in the decision journey. We also conducted best practice benchmarking with digital leaders in comparable categories. 

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Developed a digital transformation roadmap

Based on SMART goals and the market study, Kanvic developed a detailed digital transformation roadmap, including key initiatives, resources and a timeline. We further prioritised the initiatives to achieve quick wins and longer-term goals.

Client benefits

Aligned goals and objectives

As a result of our work, the client had clearly defined and prioritised goals, for the e-commerce business, aligned with the overall strategy.

Customer decision journey map

The client gained a granular understanding of customer behaviour at each stage of their buying journey to help drive its digital marketing, improve customer experience and achieve conversion rate optimisation for the e-commerce business. 

Digital transformation roadmap

Finally, the client received a clear roadmap with resource requirement, timeline and milestones to guide implementation of digital initiatives. 

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