Accelerating B2B sales through digitalisation

A leading packaging paper company increased its sales during COVID-19 crisis thanks to wholesale digitalisation of its B2B sales process and improvement in customer experience


Acquired new customers
Built COVID proof sales system
Achieved cost savings

Client context

  • Our client is a market leader in the Indian packaging paper industry known for its high quality products.

  • Prior to the crisis the client was losing sales opportunities due to shortcomings in on-time delivery and the irritation of constant follow-ups on order status. At the same time, its sales team were consumed in administrative activities rather than developing new business

  • The client hired Kanvic to reimagine its B2B sales process with new digital technologies to improve customer experience - a decision that reaped dividends as the coronavirus crisis unfolded

Kanvic's approach

Diagnosed breakpoints in order-to-delivery process

Our team first conducted a detailed diagnostic of the client's order-to-delivery process identifying a number of critical break points including a lack of visibility of on-time delivery performance, lengthy order processing times due to multiple non-value adding steps, and a sales force consumed by administrative tasks such as order taking and status updates rather than growing new business.

Designed digitally integrated order-to-delivery system

A Kanvic team of sales & marketing and digital experts developed a digitally integrated order-to-delivery system, a first-of-its-kind for the industry. It encompassed a Dealer Connect portal that allowed customers to purchase and re-order online 24/7 on mobile and web along with real-time order status visibility thanks to seamless integration with a newly extended ERP and redesigned production processes.

Enabled and engaged channel partners

Kanvic designed and conducted a comprehensive dealer training and awareness programme to overcome channel partners' concerns and to ensure smooth transition to the new system. Our team also empowered the client's sales team to digitally onboard new dealers and integrate the advantages of the new system in their sales pitch.

Client benefits

100% growth in new customer acquisition

As a result of seamless customer experience and improved on-time delivery the client could increase new customer acquisition by 100% in the first year

COVID proof sales system

With the new digital sales process already in place, the client could seamlessly transition to remote working for its sales team and provide industry-leading levels of convenience and confidence for customers during the crisis.

Substantial cost savings

Thanks to a reduction in duplicate and manual work as well as digitalisation of non value-adding activities, the client could free 3 full-time sales staff and redeploy them to business development.

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